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Welcome to the Cambridge University Space Flight Wiki!

Visit the Page directory for a categorised list of public pages, and Members:Page directory for a categorised list of members-only pages

Note that this is a new wiki and as such many pages are unfinished. Many of the current pages were imported from a different type of wiki and as such may not be formatted correctly.

Major projects

Griffin I
A two-stage spaceshot vehicle intended to reach 150km in 2022
White Giant
A 10kN N2O-IPA liquid engine that will power the first stage of Griffin 1
The second stage of Griffin 1, powered by a Cesaroni Pro98 and equipped with a custom hypersonic recovery system
White Dwarf
The scaled-down version of White Giant, used to gain experience with bipropellant liquid rocket engines.

Simulation software

All of our software is free and open source. Anyone is welcome to contribute: simply open a pull request on GitHub with your suggested changes.

Cooling system model for liquid rocket engines
Redundant tracking system for HAB launches
Whole-rocket flight simulator, with emphasis on nitrous oxide behaviour in run tanks and effect on engine performance
Software package to model 2-phase compressible flow through an injector orifice and determine fluid exit properties
Cambridge Python Rocketry Simulator is a Python package which provides fully featured rocket trajectory simulation
Tāwhirimātea (Tawhiri) is our high altitude balloon landing prediction software.

Avionics Systems

Project Rooster
Avionics system for Griffin I
Project Strix
Avionics system for Martlet IV
M3 Avionics
Avionics system for Martlet III


Git and GitHub
A reference guide of how to use Git and Github, which we use for managing software and CAD
Integration between Git and SolidWorks to make CAD version control feasible
User's Guide
User's Guide to using MediaWiki, which this wiki runs on.
Notes for maintaining this wiki and all other CUSF services