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Aquila (previously 'Condor') is the second stage of Griffin 1, CUSFs first attempt to cross the Karman line. It is powered by a Cesaroni Pro-98 motor, has a bistable fin system, and is equipped with a hypersonic recovery system. CUSF intend to launch Aquila for testing of the recovery system in 2022.


Griffin 1 was conceived in early 2020, but specific work on Aquila did not begin until early 2021, when Barty Wardell was appointed Aquila PM after the March 2021 AGM. Following his appointment, there was a period of very rapid development of the Aquila aero in April 2021, partially based off of Martlet 4, but the stability had to be 2 directional due to the nature of the recovery system. After this period of rapid design at the end of April, development has slowed for exam season, with only some design review and documentation taking place over summer.

Hypersonic recovery system and Deployment - Daedalus

Parachute analysis from Michaelmas - November 2020

Plan for Lent and Easter 2021 - February 2021

Parachute analysis procedure and notes collated into a mini textbook - March 2021

Feasibility of using CFD - March 2021

Initial deployment system design - March 2021

Hemisflo drogue design specification and analysis - April 2021 (Latest design for Hemisflo Drogue)

Hemisflo drogue design (just the numbers without the justification) - April 2021

Deployment system design - August 2021

Deployment System Pressure Analysis - October 2021

Aerodynamics and Aeroelastic Modelling

Summary of flutter in rocket fins - April 2021

Aquila aerodynamic analysis principles - August 2021

Aquila aerodynamic specifications - August 2021

Aquila Buffet and Drag Ascent Analysis - October 2021

Aquila Fin Ring Analysis - October 2021

Aquila Skin Structural Analysis - October 2021

Aquila Aeroelastic Fin Analysis - October 2021

Aquila Structure STEP File - October 2021

Aquila Aerodynamics and Structures Python Scripts - October 2021

Aquila Stability Python Notebook - October 2021

Thermal Modelling

Aquila Thermal Analysis - October 2021

Aquila Thermal Design Solution - November 2021

Structural Analysis

Aquila Structural Analysis - December 2021

Aquila full structural CAD - January 2022