Nova 6

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Nova 6

Launch Card

No launch card was filled in for this flight.

Date 23/7/08
Description First flight of Badger1.
Launch Time 11:40 GMT
Balloon Size
Target Neck Lift
Target Asc. Rate
Neck Load
Neck Lift
Parachute Details
Estimated Burst Altitude
Cutdown Criteria
Telemetry Details Badger1 50 baud RTTY
Notes from Launch Card

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 32461m
Ascent Rate
Sea Level Descent Rate
Telemetry Log Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log Log

Notes and Details

First flight of the Badger1 flight computer breaking the UK altitude record (since beaten by our Nova 7 flight and then Robert Harrison's Icarus II). Flight was successful and telemetry was maintained throughout. A problem with the onboard temperature sensor prevented any valid temperature data being logged.