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Badger1 Flight Computer

Badger1 is dead, long live Badger1

Unfortunately Badger1 was lost to the north sea on Nova 13. After some months it was found washed up on a beach in Denmark and returned to us...


NOTE: Badger1 is about to be superseded by Badger2 and needs a few hardware bodges to get it to work correctly

Eagle PCB files and firmware on the SVN server.

Revision History

Rev Notes
1.0 Initial version, never produced.
1.1 Few minor tweaks, PCBs produced from this revision.



LPC Pin Assignments

NOTE: these are the pin assignments before bodges

Made a note of if pins are ADCs etc, but not listed all features for every pin - just where its likely they will be needed

Function Pin Pin name Notes
LED1 1 P0.21 active high
LED2 2 P0.22 active high
I2C.1 (spare) 12 P1.17 spare
I2C.3 (spare) 13 P0.28/AD0.1 "
I2C.5 (spare) 14 P0.29/AD0.2 "
I2C.6 (spare) 15 P0.30/AD0.3 "
I2C.7 (I2C clk) 22 SCL0/P0.2 I2C port 0 clock
I2C.9 (I2C data) 26 SDA0/P0.3 I2C port 0 data
LASSEN.1 (TXA) 21 RXD0/P0.1 serial GPS data into ARM UART 0
LASSEN.3 (RXA) 19 TXD0/P0.0 data out from ARM UART 0 to GPS
LASSEN.4 (PPS) 9 P0.25 pulse per second input
GSM.20 (TXD) 33 TXD1/P0.8 serial data out from ARM UART1 to GSM
GSM.37 (RXD) 34 RXD1/P0.9 serial data from GSM into ARM UART1
GSM.36 (DCD) 44 P1.21
GSM.33 (DSR) 48 P1.20
GSM.23 (RESET) 40 P1.22
GSM.17 (ON/OFF) 36 P1.23
Maxim SPI temperature sensor DS1626/DS1762
TEMP.3 (/RST) 16 P1.16 SPI chip select - high = selected
TEMP.2 (CLK) 27 SCK0/P0.4 ARM SPI0 clock
TEMP.1 (DO) 29 MISO0/P0.5 ARM SPI0 data input
MMC.1 (CS) 38 P0.12
MMC.2 (DI) 30 MOSI0/P0.6 ARM SPI0 data output
MMC.5 (SCK) 27 SCK0/P0.4 ARM SPI0 clock
MMC.7 (DO) 29 MISO0/P0.5 ARM SPI0 data input
LIS3LV02 SPI 3-axis accelerometer
ACCN.9 (SDO) 29 MISO0/P0.5 ARM SPI0 data input
ACCN.10 (SDI) 30 MOSI0/P0.6 ARM SPI0 data output
ACCN.12 (SCL) 27 SCK0/P0.4 ARM SPI0 clock
ACCN.13 (CS) 31 SSEL0/P0.7 ARM SPI0 chip select
SPARE1.1 47 P0.17
SPARE1.2 46 P0.16
SPARE1.3 45 P0.45