Nova 10

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Nova 10

Launch Card

No launch card filled in for this flight.

Date 22/3/09
Description First flight of Henry's star tracker experiment, first try at two balloon float configuration.
Launch Time
Balloon Size Two balloons, one neutrally buoyant, one to provide lift. Size unknown
Target Neck Lift
Target Asc. Rate
Neck Load
Neck Lift
Parachute Details
Estimated Burst Altitude
Cutdown Criteria 90km range from launch site
Telemetry Details Badger1 50 baud RTTY, RocketBoard1 50 baud RTTY with experiment status
Notes from Launch Card

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 19040m
Ascent Rate 3.52m/s
Sea Level Descent Rate
Flight Computer Log Nova 10 Raw Log
KML File Nova 10 KML
Photos Photos of the launch

Notes and Details

Carried the Badger1 flight computer controlling flight logic and a prototype of the Star Tracker.

The payloads were flown under two balloon, the main which was neutrally buoyant with the payload and a pilot to increase ascent rate. The intention was to cut away the pilot at 25km altitude and then float under the main with a small residual vertical velocity to allow the star tracker to capture data. When the payload reached a distance of 90km from the launch site, a second cutdown would fire and the main would be released landing the payload in Kent.

However, the wind speed was higher than predicted due to the launch time being moved forward. This caused the payload to exceed 90km range before reaching 25km altitude and hence float was never attempted and the payload was cutdown prematurely.

No useful data was recovered from the star tracker. The flight path was recovered from the Badger1 logs along with the temperature outside and inside the badger payload box (separate from the star tracker box).



Ascent Rate