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Most society communication is done through Slack. Click here to join. (You must be a Cambridge student)

To avoid the 10k message limit on slack, an archive is maintained. Click here to view it. (You must be a Cambridge student)

Parrotbot automatically saves all files uploaded to slack to the slack-staging/Your_Name folder in Google Drive. The intention is that you will move it to somewhere more appropriate later.


Mailing lists

There are two active mailing lists: for admins and for general interest. Check that you are subscribed to the right one(s), if not ask a committee member to add you.

Custom emails

We provide emails to active members. First, ask a member of the DevOps team to set one up for you. Note that the forwarding email you provide will be publicly available in the DNS records.

Outbound mail

first, create an account with the SRCF. Then set up your email client as below:

Generic Information

SMTP server








SRCF password

Using Outlook Desktop



Software (and soon CAD) is tracked through git and stored on GitHub. Our organisation can be found here. Pop a message on #github-for-humans on Slack if you need an invite.

See Git and GitHub for a full reference of how to use it, and Charon for using it for CAD (Charon is unfinished)

Google Drive

Some internal documents are stored on Google Drive. Ask a committee member for access if you need it.