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Most society communication is done through Slack. Click here to join. (You must be a Cambridge student)

To avoid the 10k message limit on slack, an archive is maintained. Click here to view it. (You must be a Cambridge student)

Parrotbot automatically saves all files uploaded to slack to the slack-staging/Your_Name folder in Google Drive. The intention is that you will move it to somewhere more appropriate later.


Mailing lists

There are two active mailing lists: for admins and for general interest. Check that you are subscribed to the right one(s), if not ask a committee member to add you.

Custom emails

We provide emails to active members. You can ask a committee member to set one up for you if you’d like.


Software (and soon CAD) is tracked through git and stored on GitHub. Our organisation can be found here. Pop a message on #github-for-humans on Slack if you need an invite.

See Git and GitHub for a full reference of how to use it, and Charon for using it for CAD (Charon is unfinished)

Google Drive

Some internal documents are stored on Google Drive. Ask a committee member for access if you need it.