Nova 24

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Nova 24

Launch Card

Details copied from the launch card filled out at the launch site.

Date 11/10/2012
Description Sponsor Launch
Launch Time 0830BST
WX Sunny intervals
Balloon Size 1000g Totex
Target Neck Lift 2.4kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.2m/s
Neck Load 1.5kg
Neck Lift 2.7kg
Parachute Details 54" Spherachute
Estimated Burst Altitude 31000m
Cutdown Criteria N/A
Telemetry Details Joey 50 baud 8N2 on 434.630MHz, Wombat 50/300 baud 8N2 on 434.000MHz
Notes from Launch Card Overfilled slightly, lots of QRM around 434.630MHz causing problems with Joey's reception

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 29000m
Ascent Rate 4.8m/s
Sea Level Descent Rate 5m/s
Telemetry Log (see habitat ept)
Flight Computer Log N/A
KML File N/A
Photos (internal only)
Videos (internal only)

Notes and Details

Suspected damage to Joey's antenna as reception at altitude was non-existent, but was fine on the ground before launch and after recovery. Further investigation needed. Wombat performed perfectly.

Squirrel flew on this launch as a datalogging payload only (no telemetry systems enabled).