Nova 22

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Nova 22

Launch Card

Details copied from the launch card filled out at the launch site.

Date 28/03/12
Description Wombat's second test flight. ASTRA from Southampton with an NTX2 and an HF transmitter
Launch Time 1500GMT
WX Sunny, 22C, gusty wind
Balloon Size 350g Totex
Target Neck Lift 1.5kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.21m/s
Neck Load 1kg
Neck Lift 1.6kg
Parachute Details 24" Spherachute
Estimated Burst Altitude 21.9km
Cutdown Criteria N/A
Telemetry Details Wombat 50/300 baud RTTY on 434.000MHz. ASTRA 50 baud RTTY on 434.075Mhz and 27.12MHz
Notes from Launch Card Flow meter not used due to time constraints

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 21036m
Ascent Rate 4.5m/s
Sea Level Descent Rate 9m/s
Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log
KML File

Notes and Details

Wombat worked very well compared to its previous flight but by the time it reached the ground it was spewing QRM all over the band, and was very difficult to decode even from 100 yards away from landing site. Missed a large reservoir by the skin of its teeth. A very easy recovery.