Nova 21

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Nova 21

Launch Card

Details copied from the launch card filled out at the launch site.

Date Weds 28/03/12
Description Joey-M Test Launch & Squirrel RTTY & SSTV
Launch Time 1330GMT
WX Sunny, ~23C, 3mph ground wind w/ gusts
Balloon Size 800g Totex
Target Neck Lift 2.6kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.2m/s
Neck Load 1.75kg
Neck Lift 2.7kg
Parachute Details 30" Spherachute
Estimated Burst Altitude 28km
Cutdown Criteria N/A
Telemetry Details Joey - 50 baud RTTY on 433.975MHz, Squirrel - 50 baud RTTY on 434.650MHz & Martin 1 SSTV
Notes from Launch Card Flow meter not used due to time constraints

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 27.2km
Ascent Rate 5m/s
Sea Level Descent Rate 8m/s
Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log
KML File

Notes and Details

A fairly successful first flight for Joey but being below 434MHz receivers suffered a lot with ISM band noise. Work to commence on Joey to bring it to a frequency above 434Mhz to avoid that problem on the next flight. Everything else worked very well, GPS kept a lock and nav mode was set up correctly. Temperature drift of the Micrel MICRF112 radio was worse than NTX2 but acceptable, better than expected. Shift was very stable.