Nova 19

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Nova 19

Launch Card

Date 23/06/11
Description A test of the Weasel Arduino tracker, and Squirrel a Nexus One smartphone
Launch Time 1330
WX Heavy rain showers, 10mph ground wind
Balloon Size 1600g Hwoyee
Target Neck Lift 4kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.5 m/s
Neck Load
Neck Lift 3.5kg
Parachute Details 72" Aerocon Systems
Estimated Burst Altitude 33000
Cutdown Criteria N/A
Telemetry Details 434.650 MHz 50 baud RTTY, 350 shift, 8N1
Notes from Launch Card Balloon underfilled, expecting 35km+

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 36020m
Ascent Rate 4.5m/s
Sea Level Descent Rate 4m/s
Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log
KML File

Notes and Details

The payload was stuck in a large tree for 4 months, but has now been recovered with the help of A & B Tree Contractors Ltd.

We broke the UKHAS record on this flight!