Nova 17

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Nova 17

Launch Card

Date 24/02/10
Description A test of the uplink and downlink to Badger 2 and Badger cub, as well as inter-computer communications.
Launch Time 11.00
WX Overcast, 12MPH SW surface wind
Balloon Size 1500gms
Target Neck Lift 6kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.3 m/s
Neck Load 4900gms
Neck Lift 6kg + gentle positive bouyancy
Parachute Details 2.5m
Estimated Burst Altitude 25km
Cutdown Criteria Uplink command (based on predicted landing)
Telemetry Details 50baud RTTY 7n2 425Hz spacing (B2 - 434.515 , BC - 434.050)
Notes from Launch Card

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 24095m (uplink command sent at 24km)
Ascent Rate
Sea Level Descent Rate 5.6m/s
Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log
KML File

Notes and Details