Nova 14

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Nova 14

Launch Card

No launch card was filled in for this flight.

Date 21/8/09
Description First flight of BadgerCub and first uplink test. Payload consisted of GU box containing BadgerCub.
Launch Time 14:50 GMT
WX 3/8ths cloud cover, clear, windy on the ground
Balloon Size Old ropey 250g
Target Neck Lift
Target Asc. Rate
Neck Load
Neck Lift
Parachute Details 50cm nylon parasheet
Estimated Burst Altitude 22km (old balloon so rough guess)
Cutdown Criteria N/A
Telemetry Details CC1111 radio transceiver, 10mW 50baud RTTY on 454.525MHz. Uplink 50baud OOK
Notes from Launch Card

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude 26670m
Ascent Rate
Sea Level Descent Rate
Telemetry Log Nova 14 Telemetry Log
KML File Flight Path KML
Photos No camera flown, Photos from the ground

Notes and Details

First flight of the BadgerCub and first ever uplink to a payload. Uplink to CC1111 tested. Sacrificial flight to test uplink range. Strong winds carried the payload out to the middle of the channel and uplink was successful to a range of approx. 190km. More details on the uplink method are on the CC1111 page.

We made a scatter plot of successful string uploads plotting range from the ground station against transmit power used. The payload antenna was a 1/4 wave whip with 4 radial grounding elements. The ground station had a 7-element yagi and an IC-7000 with maximum transmit power 35W. A couple of times during the flight we attempted to see the power minimum for successful uplink and these can be seen as the vertical arrangements of points in the plot.