Nova 20

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Nova 20

Nova 20 was the first test flight of the Wombat r1 board (ADF7012 radio), the third launch of the Squirrel Nexus One smartphone, and the first use of the Bronkhorst helium mass flow meter.

Launch Card

Details copied from the launch card filled out at the launch site.

Date 11/03/12
Description Wombat Test Flight Squirrel Launch 3 with SSTV & GSM tracker test
Launch Time 1100GMT
WX Calm with sunny intervals
Balloon Size 350g Totex
Target Neck Lift 1.5kg
Target Asc. Rate 4.2m/s
Neck Load 750g
Neck Lift 2.00kg
Parachute Details 30" Spherachute
Estimated Burst Altitude 19800m
Cutdown Criteria None
Telemetry Details Squirrel: 50 Baud RTTY on FM @434.075MHz (for Wombat see below)
Notes from Launch Card Used mass flow meter for filling, calculated 2300l, filled to 2700l (based on confirmation with fish scales)

Flight Vitals

Maximum Altitude
Ascent Rate
Sea Level Descent Rate
Landing Spot Sheering, Bishop's Stortford -
Telemetry Log
Flight Computer Log
KML File

Notes and Details

It's flying a very very tempermental ADF7012 radio, which will cut out at the slightly provocation (change in temperature). To mitigate, it retunes the radio every three sentences (which will be duplicates). If it can't lock the radio in five seconds, it tunes down 0.06MHz and retries, until it reaches the bottom of the band or manages to lock. It will retry from 434MHz every three sentences, and it takes five seconds every tune-down attempt, so catching it on those won't be easy -- I've programmed them into my radio for quick selection. You are nevertheless welcome to attempt.