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Pyrograin The most common way to ignite a hybrid rocket is to use a pyrograin. The way it works is that you have a 12V car battery and attach a thin wire to it. The thin wire heats up and ignites the pyrogen, which is some easily combustible stuff wrapped around the wire. The pyrogen should be able to burn in the absence of external oxidizers. The pyrogen then ignites the pyrograin which in turn ignites the rocket.

Possible pyrogens:

As far as the pyrogen and wire is concerned the easiest thing is probably just to purchase some electric matches online.

Possible pyrograins:

The fuel of some solid rocket engines are applicable. (If we have any lying around).

Lighter fluid

Iron Oxide powder + Aluminium Oxide powder (Otherwise know as thermite) (On second though it might be difficult to ignite the thermite + you might burn a hole through the rocket) Thermite should be able to ignite pretty much any hybrid rocket you can think of. It is possible to make the thermite externally and then insert it into the rocket.

High voltage Fill combustion chamber with oxygen using an external tank. Then you make a spark using a high voltage device. The thing that makes sparks in car engines should work.

High current Use an external source of oxygen and a resistor with loads of current through it.

Blowtorch Selfexplanatory

Links of interest:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHo6lW22ZlQ (For a cool way of doing it)